A collection of cool ideas using POTARRAY elements …

West facing balcony with houseplant and artificial flowers


Vertical wall of orchids

Your favourite orchids on wall display


Form is Emptiness



Balcony greening idea using origami pot-holder brackets

Balcony panel .. with basking flowers on the outside, & pots under shade on the inside, …

Pota-Flora Chandelier 1

A 16-pot chandelier, ideal for dense foliage growth & miniature orchids. Read our post to find out how simple it is to assemble …

Plant & pot cantilevered on edge brackets

Plant & pot cantilevered on edge brackets

Pota-Flora Chandelier 2

Another 16-pot chandelier version. Other arrangements with square pots are possible. Read our post on this page

Vineyard A-Frame of plant and pots

A 36-pot vineyard-like stand, with arrayed plant/pot holders. Read our post `Build your PotaFlora A-Frame”





Vertical vine pots on railings

Adjustable square pot/plants latched on railing support without fasteners.  Enquiries are welcomed


8 bracket vertical vine on railing

The 8-bracket vertical vine is latched on the railing with special brackets. Courtesy:  Christine,  Carousell/Natureoll