Assemble your Pota-Flora Chandelier

How would you like cascades of overhanging plants hung in your garden like the floating Pandora mountains in Avatar?  And where you can replace/rearrange your potted plants easily to suit plant growth ?

Read/download the assembly instructions –> Pota-Flora Idea 1 – Chandelier

Round pots, as well as square pots, can be supported at several vee-slots along a vertical channel (or wall mount, rectangular ) using customised edge brackets. The design uses a patent-pending invention that couples an edge bracket and the vee-slot to form a joint without fasteners.  Read more about this invention, vee-hitch brief (patent pending).

You can introduce watering/misting system capabilities where water can be distributed through tubes supported along the vertical channel.  The mist clouds forming around these vertical columns of greenery would indeed bring you back into the realm of Na’vi and their hanging gardens.