About us

Thank you for dropping by our small Singapore-based shop of gardening pots and plant supports.

We bring forth a fresh look on how potted plants could be displayed in our gardens, homes and offices. Our POTARRAY designs combine pots, plants and holding brackets into array-like display features, suitable for mounting on walls and columns.  Small is beautiful – we are exploring the vertical dimension to provide multitudes of small spaces that will allow variety in our limited garden or balcony space.

We believe the gardener in you can transform potted plants into visual art-pieces.  You will find beauty in our blend of minimalist design with functionality; like nature, we seek simplicity and equilibrium, rather than absoluteness in form and strength.

Our brackets and pots are both easy on the eye and easy to use. They are made from eco-friendly materials, like recyclable aluminium and biodegradable polymers, so that they do not become fodder for landfills.

Our current collection will grow, and we’d love to hear from you.